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Video is one of the best ways to be seen by the world! It gives a glimpse into your company or organization that isn’t possible with just pictures or words.

At Blue Mantle Media we offer full-HD video production services. It starts with planning, moves through shooting, and ends with editing. We’re able to assist in each stage of a production, and can be as fully or as minimally involved as you would like us to be.

Please take a moment to tell us about yourself and your project, and we can help determine how best to achieve your goals through video.

Part and parcel of the services we offer is motion graphics. We’re able to take your logo and add animation and movement to it, bringing it to life and making it truly a video medium rather than just a static graphic. This helps the viewers be more aware of your brand!

We also offer animation. There are some subjects that are best conveyed visually through animation. This is often the case with concepts or new business models that people are unfamiliar with. To get a sense of what we’re talking about, just take a look at a few of the animations we’ve done.

Video content marketing allows for more people to become aware of your brand!

It starts by making videos that are related to your industry, but aren’t commercially-focused. When people (i.e. potential customers) search for content on a particular subject, if you have high-quality and relevant content, they’re able to find it. The more that people see your content, the more brand-awareness is increased in their minds.

When they do come looking for a particular product or service that your company offers, where do you think they’ll look first?

Client Testimonials

“Rarely do you find a videographer who is both as professional and creative as Matt Coakley has been each time that we’ve worked together."

- Damon Banks
Executive Producer

Client Testimonials

"Matt, you are the man. Loving your work. We will be working a lot more in the future!"

- Jesse Thomas
Founder & CEO, JESS3

Client Testimonials

"I showed the video at a big speaking engagement that I had this weekend, and the video got a lot of compliments. Well done."

-Erin Foushee
Founder & Owner, Fortis Wellness

Client Testimonials

"I LOVE it!!! This is so beautifully done!! I knew it'd turn out awesomely - this exceeded my hopes though! Really pleased!"

- Alanna-Marie Boudreau

Client Testimonials

"Holy moly I loved it!! Great editing!!!"

-Nirathi Rao Kalavapudi
Founder & Director, Rhythmaya

Client Testimonials

“Having the level of Matt’s expertise when shooting and editing brings a fresh perspective to the overall project and continues to deliver as promised each time.”

- Damon Banks
Executive Producer

Client Testimonials

"This rocks...You have such a great, creative eye for visuals, ear for great soundbites, and feel for the perfect pacing."

-Becca Baker
Vice President of Production & Operations, JESS3

Client Testimonials

"THE VIDEO IS AWESOME! WE LOVE IT! It really is spectacular. After seeing your video, I wanted to buy the house!"

- Nicole DeMiglio
Customer Care Manager, Donovan Home Team

Client Testimonials

"I've worked with Blue Mantle Media on a variety of projects now, and I'm always impressed. Matt's skills make me jealous!"

- Kevin Heider
Founder, Lake Road Media

Client Testimonials

"We have been getting good comments coming back from the field about the video... Thanks for all your good work!"

- Bill Swenson
Vice President, Inclusive Preparedness Center

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